Here we go...

I know I’m a little delayed in writing about my time here at YWAM so far, I’m about 5 weeks into my DTS ( Discipleship Training School). Honestly so far it’s been so incredible. Right away I knew this is exactly where God wanted me, I just felt this overwhelming peace and joy from God.

GROWTH: The first few weeks were pretty much bliss. I know that God was honoring me in the obedience I had back home with things He had challenged me on and even with just laying everything down to come out here. So I just felt this rest and encouragement from everyone and God. Week 3 was honestly when the real work began and the Lord started speaking to me about how I hear from Him and not putting my relationship with Him in a box. Each person has a leader that they are directly accountable to (1-on-1’s), mine has really been challenging me in my vulnerability and just going deeper in my friendships here.

RELATIONSHIPS: Everyone here is so amazing, I literally love everyone. Our class has 55 students and 22 leaders. It’s honestly like one big family, it can be hard to have one on one conversations though, which is why I feel some of the relationships haven’t hit that depth yet. I’m really working on having those deep convos, even if it’s in a small group. I have really amazing roommates, we are really close and I’m so blessed by them.

MEDICAL: We did our CPR/First Aid certification last weekend which was great. Each week on Tuesdays we have “stream” time where we learn something medical that pertains to missions. This week we learned about Nutrition, but more specifically how to do education on Nutrition where we will have our outreach (stay tuned for video reveal).

All in all I‘m really blessed to be here and get to grow closer to God everyday, be in this beautiful country, learn medical stuff and hang out with cool people. I hope this gives you a little peak into what I’m up to. I am going to try to stay as up to date as possible on this blog and videos. If you have questions or want to know more about anything, please don’t hesitate to email or message me.