Road to Redemption

After my last outreach I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go on outreach this time. I was afraid of disease, of the struggle, of being miserable again. But God really spoke to me about this outreach being redemptive for me, that I needed to go into this outreach not expecting the worst, but looking for the best in every situation and having a positive attitude. He told me that no matter what happened He would be with me and that He would be my strength. I now only have 7 days left and I am happy to report that this truly has been such a redemptive outreach for me. Was everything easy? Absolutely not, there were tons of opportunities for me to give up or be miserable with different things that happened or we saw. But throughout it all God was my strength and I chose to rely on Him instead of letting my situation dictate my feelings. I mean I’m not perfect, sometimes it took me a bit to remember to do this. But our team was amazing at spending time keeping our eyes on Jesus and seeing the best in every situation. I am so grateful to have leaders who point me to Jesus when I need it. So the road to a redemptive outreach may not have been easy, but I have nothing but joy as we finish, and I am so excited for the next adventure God has for me.