Despite Everything

I have now been on outreach a little over 2 weeks and although I still have a ways to go there are a few thoughts on my time so far. On a previous post I spoke on how hard my last outreach was and what a difficult season it was for me, I was sick the majority of my outreach and was spiritual and emotionally attacked as well. And while after the fact I was able to gain perspective on the time and even look back on certain parts fondly, I really wanted this time around to be redemptive. I spent a lot of time before we left New Zealand getting God’s heart for this outreach and making sure I was as ready as I could be physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Even though we initially are just at the YWAM base here in Efate, which compared to how our time in the bush will be is considered “cushy” since we have electricity, running water, and a bed. But I found by the second day here I had a terrible cold that kept me in bed for the first few days. At this point I was starting to get discouraged that this was what I was in for again on this outreach. But then with the encouragement of some of my team and from some prayer warriors back home I started to feel like an overcome instead of a victim and decided I wasn’t going to let this take me out. I chose to grab ahold of God’s joy despite my situation and it made such a difference. I think that’s something we all need reminding of sometimes, we aren’t alone and God has got us, no matter how it seems. This time I’m not going to rely on my own strength, but know that in my weakness He is strong. Psalms 23 and 27:1-3 have been ones that I have been mulling over during this time. Despite everything, despite being attacked, or being sick or whatever may come I will remain confident in the Lord, for he is where my help comes from. I feel very ready to leave for Tanna the day after tomorrow and I know that God is with me in whatever may come.