According to Google the definition of preparation is the action or process of preparing or being prepared for use or consideration. This definition is a very accurate description for how I have felt for a while now. I have been in this place of learning amazing healthcare skills and learning more about God. But also God has been teaching me some very big foundational lessons for how he wants me to live my life. One of the biggest lessons is how to trust God with my finances, living by faith. This has been a hard road, being in this place of not knowing if money would come in to cover expenses, but giving Him my trust and choosing not to live in fear and anxiety about it. Trusting God with my future and where I will go and what I will do, all of these things have been preparing me for the life of missions I feel God has called me to. I feel like when I leave in 5 days it’s the start of a new season, of stepping out into this ministry. Of a biblical way of healthcare, of going to the whole world to share His love in practical ways, of living by faith and trusting God with every part of me. I am so excited to be sent out and what is in store. I will be announcing what is in store for me next very soon, I am so excited to be activated on this outreach and in the future. This preparation season was amazing and challenging and I learned so much. I know that God always brings us from Glory to Glory, so I can’t wait for what is to come! Thanks everyone for keeping up with my journey and for everyone who has prayed or supported me. I feel so blessed and loved to have a great support system back home. I am going to try to capture more of my life on outreach this time so stay tuned for when I get back to New Zealand. Alright, well, here I go!