The Call & The Future

I’ve been holding off on writing this post about what the future holds for me, it’s a question I get asked so often; when are you coming home? What are you doing after SPHC? Where is God calling you? And to be honest the answer isn’t that simple. One thing I know to be true and that no matter what, I’m called to spread His love and who He is wherever I go, that is one I think most of us can relate to as well. It’s a mandate that we all have as Christ followers no matter where we are/live, we can love people and show people His love. But outside of the general calls we all have, what is  my individual call?  Well I have felt like missions has been my calling since I was 9 years old. God gave me a vision of caring for hurting people in Africa and I knew then that is what I was meant to do. Then when I was 21 God gave me a passion for medicine and to help physically hurting people as well. And last year God spoke of being trained in those two things together for medical missions. I am so blessed to be here now gaining knowledge of medicine to helps so many, and know Him more so I can share more of Him with others. But God really showed me on my DTS some of what’s in store for me in the future, and to be honest some of it scares me. But I know God is going to be faithful to me and that He has everything in His hands. So what God showed me is that I am called to medical compassion work all around the world. That I will not have just one place to call home. That I am going to be traveling and going many places. I have also felt God call me to adoption and that I will be a mother to many. But He hasn’t told me my more immediate future yet. So I don’t know yet what I will be doing come October or next year, but I have such peace and security from God that I don’t need to fear the future. And it’s such a fantastic place to be!