27– The Best Is Yet To Come

As my birthday is coming to a close I am reflecting on the year I’ve just had and this next year ahead of me. This day not only signifies my birth but one month exactly until I get on a plane and leave for my adventure in New Zealand. This whole last year had been preparation for this coming year, not only financially but emotionally and spiritually. I feel so blessed God gave me this time to process, to cherish and to grow before I leave. Today is a bittersweet day, before me is a grand adventure that awaits me in a far off land. And behind me is my family, my church, my amazing friends that support me. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life that love me and support me like they do. And I have so many new friends that I will get to know and grow to love in this next year. So in conclusion I am blessed and I am another year older.