Independence Day for the World Traveler:

This year as the 4th of July comes and goes, it really has me thinking about the future ahead of me. Next year I won't be living in the US and I really don't know where this life will lead me. I have often thought that I might end up not living in the US permanently again. Sometimes that’s a sad thought and even a scary one. But I've chosen to go wherever God leads me, and I don't know where that is yet. So this year could very well be my last 4th of July here in the US for a while at least. I am very proud to be an American and humbled by the many lives that were lost fighting for my rights as an American. I will never make light the freedoms I was born with that so many struggle with all over the world. But if anything I hope that I can help be a part of bringing freedom to others around the globe, in whatever form that may look like; Spiritual, physical, or political freedom. So as I start this journey soon, I will always try to remember where I came from. How I have so much from the family I was born into and the country I was born into. And I will try to never forget how so many others don't have these things and maybe I can do something to help. As we reflect on this holiday, I stand a proud American and ready to become a citizen of the World.