Hello Friends and Family,

When I was 4, my parents were discussing going to India to be missionaries. It was an exciting time, but I kept telling my mom, “No mom, we need to go to Africa.” Against my protest, we still went to India for two and a half years. Later, when I was nine, the Lord gave me a vision of the hurting people of Africa and that someday I would have the opportunity to help them. By then, we were living in the U.S. but I wanted nothing more than to take the Gospel of Jesus to the hurting world. I started with kids in my school, feeling an assurance from God that I would be able to go to other nations someday.

I am blessed to be a part of a legacy of missionaries. My parents were missionaries when I was a kid and my grandmother was a missionary for 30 years. I feel honored to carry this legacy and mantle.

In 2012, I got an opportunity to go on a mission trip with my grandmother to India. Going on the trip only further ignited my heart for missions. When I came back home, I wanted to go on another trip, but chose to wait on God’s leading and the counsel of trusted friends and leaders.

In that time of waiting, while seeking the Lord for guidance, I felt like He was leading me to pursue nursing. I chose to attend two years towards my nursing education. In the middle of my schooling, I felt the Lord lead me in another direction. It was difficult to leave the dream the Lord had given me. Although that was put on hold I still had a heart to help people with medical needs at some point in the future.

For the last few years, I’ve been faithfully serving my local church, and working full-time.This last year, the Lord has been reminding me, in the form of multiple prophetic words, that He has not forgotten my heart for missions. I felt the “go ahead” from God to look into YWAM but thought that I was too old. It turns out, I’m not, so that’s awesome. The program I found was not in Africa, but New Zealand. It was specifically a medical missions program where I felt God was bringing the two dreams together. The Lord spoke to me saying that, from this training ground, I would be able to go to the other places He has called me to. It feels like a long anticipated dream and it’s coming into fruition.

YWAM and my Medical Compassion DTS

What is YWAM? Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. YWAM’s staff come from over 130 countries.

What is a Medical Compassion DTS? The Medical Compassion Discipleship Training School is exactly what it sounds like, a training program to prepare for medical mission work in developing countries. Some of the areas I will be trained in are: biblical basis for health care, anatomy and physiology, food and nutrition, dental care, water and sanitation, mother and child health, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, skin diseases and community resources. This is an 11 month long program that includes two outreach phases in the South Pacific where my class will have the opportunity to put our training to practical use.

What is needed & Ways to give

I would greatly appreciate any and all prayer for my journey, for safety, God’s provision or whatever is on your heart. I would also ask you to please pray and consider partnering with me financially. There is a link down below that will take you to my site where you can choose a one time donation or become a monthly supporter. The costs of this program includes tuition and costs for both outreaches. I will still be responsible for airfare to New Zealand and back as well as living expenses, like deodorant and shampoo, as well as medical insurance that will be monthly costs. The tuition and outreach alone is $13,600 USD.  Any and all support whether prayer, care packages, letters from home, or finances would be appreciated while I am on my journey. Thank you to everyone for taking time to hear my story and heart. I will also be writing a blog as well and some vlogging while in NZ, so if you wish to be apart of any of that you can sign up here on my website.


Jessica Wilson